By registering as a member of one of our associations or participating in our events, the association expects that you will abide by certain guidelines and principles.  The peer networking experience of our members and the integrity of the association is of the utmost importance.  Accordingly, we expect that members will agree to the following terms:

Refrain from inviting vendors, job seekers, consultants or salespeople to our events.  Membership is exclusively for managers and practitioners of the  CWP, PPM, PMO, DM, or CP discipline's and it is important that the association does not become a business development venue for non-members.

Refrain from discussing specific labor rates, resource pricing, or contract terms and conditions from software or service vendors with other members in any way that could be considered constructive collusion between like buyers of products or services.

As a member of one of our associations it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not violating any policies, terms or conditions of employment with your employer.  We will not be held responsible for any conflicts that arise as a result of your participation, due to existing obligations or duties you have to your employer.


Our associations were founded by and have an exclusive silent sponsorship relationship with The ACS Services Group. This unique silent sponsorship arrangement is rooted in an important philosophy of the founding company.  ACS has long told clients that before they undertake an initiative, buy a piece of software, engage a staffing company or hire a consultant they should try to connect with as many of their peers as possible to inform their decisions and gain additional perspective at no cost. In order to deliver on a capability for buyers to do this ACS created a unique set of associations that meet specific needs and are governed by certain guidelines.  Our associations exist in order to serve the interests of its members and create goodwill for ACS.

The quality of the membership experience is the most important objective for the associations. Accordingly, there is no cost to participate and the membership is exclusively for buyers and/or practitioners of the discipline.  Membership data is secure (see Privacy Policy). While ACS discloses this sponsorship arrangement to the members, ACS also makes a firm commitment to the association members that the association events will not become a venue for marketing or promoting the services of ACS or any other company.  Silent sponsorship means that the sponsor will not promote its services at any association functions or through any association channels.

The Associations are led by steering committee members who are association members. It is led “by the members for the members” and this governance structure is integral to the integrity of the organization and the mission. Steering committee members sign off on topics and speakers and approve new steering committee members.

The only way to ensure the integrity of the association and the quality of the membership experience is to maintain a sole silent sponsor. Adding sponsors adds the sales and marketing agendas of other companies and changes the quality of the member experience.

Take advantage of this network. It is free, it is high quality, it is vendor free and you will benefit from and contribute to elevating the discipline. If this seems too good to be true, we encourage you to reach out to members or the steering committee to get their perspective of the benefits of participation in the group.