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Contingent Workforce Professionals (CWP) is the only national membership association for high-level professionals working in Human Resources, Procurement and Risk/Compliance fields related to the Contingent Workforce.  The Vendor Management Office is of strategic importance to talent and talent is the fuel of any business.  CWP operates across all industry segments. CWP offers high-caliber, networking opportunities for regularly sharing best practices and emerging trends with industry leaders in the field. Membership and all events are free.  There is absolutely no cost to participate in CWP.

CWP provides an unparalleled collaborative community of senior-level managers, directors, and executives who are passionate about extending the conversation, improving efficiency, and enhancing the complex discipline of Contingent Workforce Management. Contingent Workforce Professionals chapters  provide vital peer associations through face-to-face and virtual venues—panel discussions with leaders in the field, an online member forum on LinkedIn, and regional and national symposia—all in a vendor-free environment.  Our members are exclusively enterprise employee practitioners of the discipline – no vendors, consultants or job seekers.  At CWP, the role of the consultant or vendor is to provide expertise if the members invite them to present on a given topic and even then sales pitches are not allowed.

CWP welcomes all VMO, managers, directors and executives, and practitioners, as well as executives and director-level managers in Human Resources, Procurement, Talent Acquisition and Risk/Compliance.  Visit our CWP membership benefits page to read more about the advantages you gain by joining Contingent Workforce Professionals.

Contingent Workforce Professionals Mission Statement:

Mission: Our mission is to foster our individual member’s learning through the sharing of knowledge, best practices, and experiences by engaging with industry experts and thought leaders.

Purpose: Our goal is to enhance the professional capabilities and skills of our individual members and to bring value to the overall contingent workforce management discipline.

Who we are: CW Professionals is a Professional Association of contingent workforce and strategic sourcing professionals working in multiple industries. 

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Membership with CW Professionals offers information, unparalleled peer networking, best practices, fresh perspectives, and connections that you won't find anywhere else.



We provide networking opportunities for you and your contingent workforce management peers in national and local settings.


Discuss contingent workforce issues and topics online with colleagues world-wide, participate in panel discussions with speakers, and contribute in building best practices for the discipline.


As a member of CWP, you will unlimited access to our extensive library of resources and past presentations.
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