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ACS launched the Project Portfolio Management Professionals (PPMP) association 12 years ago.  This is our third professional association along with the long-established Data Management Professionals (DMP), and Contingent Workforce Professionals (CWP).  We have a fourth one - Cloud Platform Professionals (CPP) on the road map too.  To maintain our professional services group, we need steering committees of PMOs and leaders of professional associations.   

Steering Committees: An Overview

ACS is the “exclusive silent sponsor” of PPMP, DMP, CWP, and CPP.  We underwrite all the activities for the group exclusively. We pay for the venues, the promotion, the speaking fees, and the maintenance of the website.  We do not sell sponsorships, advertising, and member data.  We also do not charge for any of the activities or membership.  This group is free to the members, and we do not use the forum to advertise our services.  There is no message from the sponsor, no branding, no salespeople selling, no signage or banners.  All events are branded as PPMP, DMP, CWP or CPP depending on the association involved.   

The group meets virtually and in person with members and/or guest speakers sharing their real-world insights and experiences around relevant topics in the discipline.  We manage the membership very tightly so that we can provide a high-quality networking experience for individuals in the discipline to connect with their peers without wondering if there is a tool vendor or salesperson trying to sell to them.

Our Steering Committees Consist of



Individuals who lead (VP, Director) the IT PMO, ePMO, and PPM functions at – CenturyLink, Chipotle, Ball Manufacturing, Silicon Valley Bank, and Norfolk Southern Railroad.



Individuals who head the Data Management or Business Intelligence teams for – AT&T, Sketchers, American Cinemedia, Delta Dental, CenturyLink, and Wyndham Resorts.



Individuals who lead (VP, Director) the Contingent Labor Function at: Kaiser, S&P, Broadridge Financial, Visa, Oracle, and Farmers Insurance.



Individuals who lead Cloud Infrastructure Innovation teams for Centene, 3M, and Verizon,

Relevant Topics



Portfolio Management, PMO Leadership, Resource Planning, Methodology and Process Governance, Program Management, Benefits Realization, Executive Level Sponsorship, Tool Implementation, Agile and Scaled Agile Frameworks.



Customer Analytics, Data Management, Data Governance, Data Security, Business Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, and Data Science.



Program Sponsorship, Technology Selection, Supplier Management, Cost Models, Compliance, IC Compliance, Direct Sourcing, Total Talent Management, Resource Planning in conjunction with the PMO, Benefits Realization, Executive Level Sponsorship, Hybrid Insourced Models Tool implementation.



  • Free/no cost Professional Association specific to PMO, IT PMO, ePMO, and Portfolio Managers
  • No vendors, salespeople, or consultants
  • All members are employees of an enterprise on the “buy side” of the discipline
  • Webinars and in person events to connect with your peers in the discipline (no cost)
  • Access to all past recordings of webinars and presentations
  • Paid speaking opportunities to share your experience, case study with your peers at other companies
  • Great opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership in the practice/discipline  

An Outline of the Profile of a Good Steering Committee Member

  • We would like leaders who are employees of a large enterprise end client.  Ideally clients with recognizable brand names not smaller obscure companies.   They don’t need to be clients of ACS, in fact better if we have both existing and prospective clients.  We don’t want consultants, salespeople or people who are working for vendors in the space. 
  • We want people who oversee the PMO/ePMO.  Our current membership is 20% Program Managers, 60% leaders of PMO/ePMO, and 20% C level, or Architecture governance. 
  • We would like diversity in our steering committee members: Across industries (Retail, Technology, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Financial Services).

Expectations of a Steering Committee Member

  • Encouraged to attend the association events when you can
  • Encouraged to be a featured speaker during the first year with one 1.5 hrs. presentation which will include speaking fee of $650.00 that you can accept, decline or have us donate to the charity of your choice
  • Encouraged to attend Monthly steering committee calls that last 15 mins to 30 mins to discuss upcoming events
  • Willingness to be listed as a steering committee member on introductory slides during presentations
  • Encouraged to participate in our annual planning meeting which is 1.5 hours and covers potential speakers, reviewing topic survey results and review of performance of the previous year’s events
  • Optional: Infrequently allow the association to provide you with a professionals.org email to market for the organization on your behalf.  Promotional emails are only sent with your permission and are bcc’d to your personal or work email.
  • Assist with developing our annual topic survey that is sent to all members on our mailing list

Leaders on Our Outreach List


PPMP 14000+


DMP 14000+


CWP 7000


CPP 10000

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